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Institute of Chemical Sciences of Rennes (ISCR/CM)

The ISCR/CM-INSA team (Metallurgical Chemistry team of the Institute of Chemical Sciences of Rennes) works on the synthesis, the study and the development of metallic alloys, particularly titanium or zirconium-based alloys.

The Institute of Chemical Sciences of Rennes / Metallurgical Chemistry Team


This Joint Research Unit has 12 research teams from INSA-Rennes, the University of Rennes 1 and ENSCR.
The ISCR/CM-INSA team is a component of the ISCR Unit.

Areas of research

  • Textures and mechanical behavior of zirconium and titanium alloys
  • Production and metallurgical investigation of titanium alloys for biomedical applications
  • Metallic glass and nanostructured alloys
  • Nitriding and diffusion in titanium-based alloys

SCR laboratory director

Jean-Luc ADAM

SCR/CM-INSA director