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Staffed by a doctor, psychologist and nurse, the Health and Welfare service is at every student’s disposal.


The nurse provides:

  • Discussion and advice
  • Emergency and ongoing care
  • Information on the need to consult a doctor, hospital, social services or a psychologist
  • Blood tests when prescribed by a doctor (appointment required)
  • Information and preventative advice on public health issues.

Psychological support

The psychologist at INSA-Rennes is available to students (appointment required) wishing to discuss problems and seeking support (confidentiality is guaranteed). She works as part of a team consisting of the nurse at INSA-Rennes, SIMPPS (university preventive medicine and health promotion service), Point Santé (health information service), the Bureau d’Aide Psychologique Universitaire (psychological assistance bureau) and a social worker.
She is also responsible for receiving and assisting students with a disability. 

France's health-care system