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IRISA conducts research in Computing, Applied Mathematics, and Signal and Image Processing. The laboratory’s work lies within the cross-discipline areas of digital sciences e.g. the Internet of the future and computer security (networks, software, contents).


IRISA-INSA director

Gildas Avoine



IRISA laboratory director




This Joint Research Unit brings together research teams from the University of Rennes 1, ENS Cachan and INSA-Rennes. IRISA is also associated with the INRIA Rennes-Bretagne Atlantique Centre.

Areas of research

Improvement of large-scale computer systems

Widespread access to the Internet, the development of social networks and the increasing use of “cloud” infrastructures by large numbers of people make this area of research a major issue for the construction of the Internet of the future and tomorrow’s digital society.

Imaging, from processing to CGI, and from digital document to multimodal interaction

This area has undergone significantdevelopment over the past few years.


Abstraction, representation and organiZation of complex data

For logical information systems or multimedia data, the ability to process large quantities of complex data is still of vital importance.

Digital processing of knowledge and formal model-building of complex phenomena

To improve knowledge and control of industrial or natural systems.