A graduate and post graduate school
A founding member of the INSA Group
Full CTI accreditation
EUR-ACE label

Laboratory of Civil and Mechanical Engineering (LGCGM*)

The research undertaken by LGCGM-INSA (Civil and Mechanical Engineering Laboratory) focuses on the problems linked to the construction of bridges and the behavior of soils, materials or structures in areas linked to mechanical construction.

LGCGM is a student training team (Equipe d'Accueil, EA) made up of research teams from INSA-Rennes and the University of Rennes 1 (Institutes of Technology in Rennes and Saint-Malo).

Areas of research

Geomaterials and Constructions under complex action

  • Multi-scale and multi-physical model-building of geomaterials in their environment
  • Multi-physical model-building of the behaviour and durability of structures

Mechanical processes and systems

  • Materials, Forming and Assembly Processes
  • Mechanical systems

Materials, thermo-rheology

  • Rheology and rheometry of complex fluids
  • Solid concrete rheological behaviour
  • Durability of mineral materials and hydro-thermal transport
  • Energy

* In French

LGCGM laboratory director

Christophe LANOS

LGCGM-INSA director

Mustapha HELLOU