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Syllabus descriptions

The brochures (pdf booklets) below correspond to the syllabi in master 1 (semesters 7 and 8) and master 2 (semesters 9 and 10) of engineering specialities.


Programme d'échange Relations Internationales


Each brochure contains for a given speciality:

  • the list of courses with handout in English or that can be given in English
  • the list of all courses for semester 7 (Autumn)
  • the set of detailed description of courses for semester 7
  • similarly for semester 8 (Spring)
  • for semester 9 (Autumn)
  • and for semester 10 (Spring)

Course code meaning: ex. EII07-NVR-EB  

  • EII = department
  • 07 = semester 7
  • NVR-EB = course abbreviation

To draw up your learning agreement, it is necessary to choose courses in a single semester of a single speciality because the schedules are very constrained, and courses in master 1 and master 2 do not start at the same time. For more information about lectures, optional courses..., please visit the page of each department and contact the international coordinator of the department.


Information, communication systems and technologies

Electronics and Computer Engineering (EII)

 Electronics and Telecommunications (ET)

Computer Science (INFO)

Applied Mathematics (MA)


Materials, structures and mechanical engineering

Physical and Material Engineering (GPM)

Civil Engineering and Urban Planning (GCU)

Mechanical and Control Systems Engineering (GMA)



All departments can supervise projects in their research labs. INSA Rennes offers three possibilities for a full semester:

  • 10 ECTS (1,5 day per week)
  • 15 ECTS (2,5 days per week)
  • 24 ECTS (4 days per week)

Two students can work on the same project, report and defense.