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Civil Engineering and Urban Planning

Civil Engineering and Urban Planning (GCU*)

The civil engineer specializes in the design and use of the materials and human resources required for the construction industry, providing design and building expertise in the area of construction, public works, town planning, and territorial and environmental development.


Head of GCU department


Spécialité GCU

02 23 23 83 10

Courses: 5 main subject areas

  • Fundamental and human science
  • Science and technology
  • Engineering science
  • Spatial development, territorial development and impact studies
  • Business management, labor laws and construction laws


Year 3: mastering concepts

Basic science specific to civil engineering and architecture, mathematics, mechanics of continuous environments, resistance of materials, hydraulics, science of materials, geology, soil mechanics, heat, etc.

Year 4: greater specialization

Professional practices, calculation of structures, reinforced concrete, metal constructions, geotechnics, road techniques, topography, heat, acoustics, lighting, etc.

Year 5: diversification

Reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, durability, urban soils and underground work, maintenance and renovation of bridges, spatial management, territorial development, project management, law and introduction to corporate life.

Options in Year 5

    • Building
    • Public works
    • Urban engineering

    Advantages of the course

    • Practicals
    • Projects in small work groups
    • Visits to building sites
    • Sponsorship of the yearly student intake

    * In French