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Master in Modeling

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Master in Modeling

Aziz Belmiloudi

M2 Scientific Computing and Applications

The Scientific Computing and Applications specialization enables students to develop 3 areas of scientific skill :

  • Course Fundamental Mathematics
  • Mathematics and Cryptography courses
  • Computing and Modelling

In the two courses proposed, the students develop these 3 areas of skills paying particular attention to Numerical Methods and Analysis for the "Numerical Analysis" course and a wider approach on Modeling for the "Numerical Simulation" course.

Mastering these three areas of skill enables the graduate to become involved at any stage of the scientific process in companies and research bodies using numerical simulation : the formulation or improvement of a mathematical model describing a studied phenomenon, construction of  estimating equations enabling numerical resolution, elaboration of a resolution algorithm, practical Informatics, method and code validation, exploitation and interpretation of results, etc.


A choice of 2 courses

  • Numerical Analysis
  • Numerical Simulation

30 ECTS credits, 6 of which are optional, to be validated in each of the 2 semesters.

Initiation to Research internship of 4 to 6 months, from April to September in a research body or company. To prepare for the internship, there is a mentored project during the training.


Application files are to be sent by June10th to the secretary of the Master’s degree:

INSA Rennes
Aurore GOUIN - Secrétariat des Masters - Service Recherche

20 avenue des Buttes des Coësmes
CS 70839
35708 Rennes Cedex 7

Or by e-mail to:


NB : There is no M1 at INSA Rennes

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Jointly approved establishments

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  • Univerté Bretagne Sub
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