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Master in Informatics

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Master in Informatics

Bertrand Coüasnon

M2 Research in Informatics (MRI)

The Master by Research in Informatics (MRI) aims to give each student an in-depth view of a field of Research in Informatics, which is focused yet sufficiently broad to follow a thesis on diverse subjects.

It offers specific courses divided among nine jointly approved establishments according to their areas of expertise. These desirable courses have been selected not just for their cutting edge subjects and potential, but also due to their coverage of fundamental technological issues, which ensures that the training falls within the latest themes of public and private research. They are thus liable to change over the years. 

Each student selects his course upon application. The different courses and teaching program are stipulated on the MRI Master's Degree site.

Entrance requirements

Diplomas required :

1st year Master specializing in Informatics or an equivalent diploma in Informatics.
Admission is not automatic : a pedagogical commission sits the 1st week of July at the very latest to decide whether to accept or refuse admission.

Language level required :

To access the 2nd year Master in Research in Informatics (MRI), good mastery of English is required, as all slides for the lessons are in English, and the core curriculum and Rennes courses are also in English when there are non French speakers present.

Moreover, we advise a TCF level B2 or equivalent in French. For more information on these tests, contact the French embassy of your country, the Alliance française or the Campus France.



Application files for the MRI Master by Research are to be sent by June15th to the secretary of the Master’s degree:

INSA Rennes
Aurore GOUIN - Secrétariat des Masters - Service Recherche
20 avenue des Buttes des Coësmes
CS 70839
35708 Rennes Cedex 7

Or by e-mail to:


NB : There is no M1 at INSA Rennes and thus applications are only received at en M2 level. Decisions on acceptance are made after examination of the candidate's application file end of June).

 * In French

Please note

Jointly approved establishments

  • INSA Rennes
  • Université Rennes 1
  • ENS Rennes
  • CentraleSupélec

Host laboratories

  • UMR 6074 IRISA-Institut de recherche en informatique et systèmes aléatoires
  • LISyC-Laboratoire d’informatique des systèmes complexes (EA3883)
  • Équipe « Sécurité des systèmes d'information et réseaux » de Supélec
  • Départements « Informatique » et « Réseaux, Sécurité et Multimédia » de Télécom Bretagne
  • Laboratoire VALORIA de l'Université de Bretagne-Sud