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9. Intramolecular energy transfer studies of a new mixed isopolymolybdate [Eu(dmso)8][Eu(êta2-NO3)2(dmso)4(alpha-Mo8O26)0.5][Mo6O19]: Synthesis, Characterization and Europium (III) luminescence properties
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5. Self-Assembly of Reactive Linear Cu3 Building Blocks for
Supramolecular Coordination Chemistry and Their Reactivity toward
En Ligand Complexes
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4. A highly efficient and stable oxygen reduction reaction on Pt/CeOx/C
electrocatalyst obtained via a sacrificial precursor based on a
metal-organic framework
Yun Luo, Laura Calvillo, Carole Daiguebonne, Maria K. Daletou, Gaetano Granozzi, Nicolas Alonso-Vante
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