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Semestres en anglais

Three semesters with courses taught in English, designed for students at M1 and M2 levels.


Head of autumn semester Media and Networks

Jean-Christophe PREVOTET


Head of autumn semester Optimal Engineering Design



Semestres en anglais

Media and Networks (Year 5)

Autumn semester in English from October to February

Training Objectives

The departments of Electronics and Computer Engineering (EII*), Computer Science and Software Engineering (INFO*) and Electronics and telecommunications (ET*) train high-level research and development (R&D) engineers inthe field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

These three ICT departments offer an autumn semester centered on media and communication networks. International students registered for this semester will join French students and attend courses in communication networks, embedded systems and digital image processing.



The autumn semester lasts from mid-September to the end of January. Courses are given in English. A summary of proposed courses is given in the table below:

Energy Consumption in Embedded SystemsEII09-CONSO1.00 
Design and Implementation of Signal Processing SystemsEII09-DISPS2.00 
Parallel Programming for Embedded MPSoCsEII09-PPEM2.50 
Advanced Hardware DesignEII09-AHD


System on Programmable ChipsSRC09-SOPC1.00 
Real Time ProcessingSRC09-REALTIME1.50 
Digital Systems LabSRC09-SYSLAB2.00 
Image and Video CompressionEII09-COTR3.00 
Computer VisionEII09-VIS2.00 
Image AnalysisEII09-ANIM2.00 
Digital Communication PrerequisitesSRC09-PRCNUM1.50 
Mobile NetworksSRC09-MOBILE1.00 
Network LabSRC09-NETLAB2.00 
Use Case in Network SecuritySRC09-USE_CASE1.50 
Data Local NetworkSRC09-LAN_DATA3.00 
Technical ProjectM&N09-PROJ6.00mandatory
English ConversationENS09-ANGL-CONV1.50 
Economics, Law and Business StudiesENS09-PM-x2.00Not available for students in mobility

For a detailed description of the content of each course:

The French as a foreign language class focuses on course material which has yet to be translated to help clarify its logical structure. 


ECTS credits

Studies at INSA Rennes are flexible as the school uses the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System), a European standard for comparing study attainment. When courses are successfully completed, the students earn credits ; the normal total for an INSA student being 30 credits per semester. The student's choice has to be approved by both the home university and INSA. Our ICT departments have designed a coherent package of credit-earning courses for international students. Exchange students may select other courses on condition that the course is given during the first semester and is compatible with the autumn semester calendar.

Practical information 

For further information, please contact the head of autumn semester:
Jean-Christophe PREVOTET

Application deadline: May 31th, 2020

This non-fee-paying autumn-semester program works on the basis of an exchange between the applicant’s home University and INSA Rennes. Therefore, in order for fees to be waived, an agreement (Erasmus or other) must be established beforehand.

Registrar’s Office:Contact

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