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Optoelectronics (Year 5)

Autumn semester in English from October to January

Training Objectives

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering (SGM*) trains engineers in design, research, development and production. The skills developed are those required to work in areas of high technology such as new materials, micro- and opto-electronic devices and nanotechnology.
The SGM Department offers an autumn-semester program centered on optoelectronic engineering with courses in English. International students registered for this semester join French students specializing in the field of optoelectronics with a focus on semiconductor component design.


The autumn semester lasts from October, 1st to the end of January.
Courses are given in English either for the oral presentation or for the written material (mostly both).
Students may choose to undertake SGM courses in addition to those listed above, however only those mentioned above will be taught in English. 

A broad spectrum in the field of optoelectronics is covered; from the elaboration, characterization and theoretical modeling of quantum nanostructures, to the design of optical waveguides or the use of nonlinear optics for faster all-optical functionality.
The French as a foreign language class focuses on course material which has yet to be translated to help clarify its logical structure.

For a detailed description of the content of each course, download the leaflet.

Practical information

For an application form or further information, please contact Mathieu PERRIN

Application deadline : May 31st, 2016

This non-fee-paying autumn-semester program works on the basis of an exchange between the applicant’s home University and INSA Rennes. Therefore, in order for fees to be waived, an agreement (Erasmus or other) must be established beforehand.

Registrar’s Office : Contact

* In French