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Optimal Engineering Design

Autumn semester in English from September/October to January

Training Objectives 

The departments of Materials, Structures and Mechanics Pole (MSM) of INSA Rennes train high-level industrial or research and development (R&D) engineers in the field of materials mechanics, optimal engineering design and structure’s innovative analysis. The MSM Pole offer an autumn semester centred on optimal engineering design using novel and innovative techniques to improve and optimize materials performances, complex mechanical systems and engineering structures design. International students registered for this semester will join French students and will attend courses taught in English. Beside academic courses (scientific and economic, social & human’s sciences) a team industrial or research project will be proposed.


International students registered to this semester will join specific departments of MSM pole and will attend academic and scientific courses for an equivalent of 10 ECTS. English, French as a Foreign Language (FFL) and sport complement the scientific courses for an equivalent of 5 ECTS. The industrial or research project will occupy half of the time and be credited 15 ECTS.

For a detailed description of the content of each course, download the leaflet.

ECTS: European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System

Studies are flexible thanks to a system of credits. A semester load for the proposed autumn semester at INSA Rennes is 30 ECTS. The student’s choice has to be approved by both the home university and INSA Rennes. Departments of MSM Pole have designed a coherent package of credit courses in English to enable international students to undertake a semester period of study at INSA and obtain corresponding 30 ECTS credits. Exchange students may select others courses under the condition that the course is given during that first semester and is compatible with the autumn semester calendar.

Practical information 

For further information, please contact Adinel GAVRUS, Head of Autumn Semester

Application deadline: April 1st, 2019

This non-fee-paying spring-semester program works on the basis of an exchange between the applicant’s home University and INSA-Rennes. Therefore, in order for fees to be waived, an agreement (Erasmus or other) must be established beforehand.
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