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The INTERREG program aims to improve the cooperation between the european areas and to improve the shared solutions in urban, rural and coastal development  and  in economic development and environment management. INTERREG is funded by the ERDF for 7,75 billions of euros.
The Current Program is INTERREG V and covers the period from 2014 to 2020.

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This project aims to developping innovative assistive technologies in order to support the autonomy and to enhance the mobility of power wheelchair users with severe physical/cognitive disabilities. It focuses on four main topics:

  • smart and connected Electrical Powered Wheelchair (EPW) to compensate for user disabilities through driving assistance technologies,
  • EPW Simulator platform using virtual reality. This will give the user an immersive experience of the Smart and Connected EPW and train them to drive in everyday life,
  • training of healthcare professionals in assistive technologies. By using project platmforms, this novel training provision addresses a gap in the current healthcare education,
  • formalized agreements between research institutions and companies.

INSA Rennes contributions are the realisation of the power wheelchair simulator in Virtual Reality, as well as the shared-control based assistance for smart wheelchair navigation.



Themes : Assistive robotics, intelligent wheelchair, navigation, virtual reality, haptic feedback of movement, human-robot interaction
Laboratory: IRISA, IETR, LGCGM

Fundings: FEDER

Coordinator: ESIGELEC Rouen

Participants: INSA Rennes, Université Picardie Jules Verne, University of Kent, University College of London, Pôle Saint Hélier, East Kent Hospitals Univ NHS Found. Trust, Health and Europe Centre, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust, Canterbury Christ Church University , CHU -Hôpitaux de Rouen, Réseau Breizh PC, Kent Surrey Sussex Academic Health Science Network, Cornwall Mobility Center, Pôle TES

Principal Investigator for INSA Rennes: Marie Babel

Overall Budget: 9 765 647.86 €, of which 6 634 781.16 € is financed by the ERDF

Budget for INSA Rennes: € 1 969 928.60 of which € 1 429 898.12 is financed by the ERDF

Duration: 70 months from 11/29/2016