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The scientific challenge of this project aims to improve the methodologies to perform the security analysis of ubiquitous computing systems, and to provide tools to analyze in practice such systems when they are already deployed.

The Axis 3 of the CPER CYBER SSI project addresses the security analyses of ubiquitous computing systems, namely the computing systems embedded in our everyday life (for examples : the access control in mass transportation and buildings, payment cards, car ignition systems, implantable medical devices, biometric passports, etc. ).

Laboratory: IRISA
Budget: 195 000€
Fundings: FEDER, Région Bretagne, Département de l’Ile et Vilaine, Rennes Métropole / ERDF, The Region of Britanny, the Department and Rennes Metropole


 Sophie STIC & ONDES

In the frame of CPER STIC&Ondes, IETR is developping its measurement facilities at INSA Rennes. The main investments are devoted to the DIADEM platform that enables electromagnetic diagnostic for radiated fields characterization (whether intended or not). DIADEM has been equipped with a new cylindrical near-field measurement range and a chaotic reverberation chamber. These facilities will now be used, on the one hand, to characterize innovative communicating objects and systems, and on the other hand, to perform advanced studies in the field of ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC), bioelectromagnetism and cybersecurity. COMRAD, INSYS and S-NUM platforms have also been reinforced with new measurement and prototyping facilities for communications and radar.

Laboratory: IETR
Budget: 802 000€
Fundings: ERDF, Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, The Region of Britanny, the Department and Rennes Metropole



The Photonics operation reinforces the photonics as a generic key technology for Brittany. Within this CPER, the MADO project falls within the elaboration of key materials for the development of innovative photonic devices. This operation is based on the INSA group of Institut FOTON skills, specialized in the study of nanostructures based on III-V semiconductor materials (mainly from the InP and GaP/Si technologies) and the development of breakthrough components in the fields of optical communications, optical connections and emerging concepts of Photovoltaics.
The objectives of the MADO operation range from the creation of new light sources (lasers on chip, ultra-fast or highly tunable lasers, etc.), and devices for the optical information processing, up to the demonstration of advanced concepts of photovoltaic cells. The targeted technological applications, including many societal challenges, concern optical high-speed telecommunications, optical connections intra and inter chips, the Internet of Things, the autonomous systems, gas detection, medical diagnosis, terahertz metrology, and the development of high-efficiency PV cells on low-cost substrates.

Laboratory: Institut FOTON
Budget: 760 000€
Fundings: ERDF, Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, The Region of Britanny, the Department and Rennes Metropole



This project consists in strengthening the expertise potential of the GCGM Laboratory in order to be an interface between research units and the social and economic regional actors.

This project focuses on the design and characterization of bio-sourced or eco-designed materials, accompanied by the development of innovative process. The application sectors targeted are mainly construction materials, agro-resources (plant aggregates and fibres), sludge recovery.

This project includes the strengthening of the characterization resources dedicated to the Building, Construction and Civil Engineering activity involved in the eco-valorization sectors.

Laboratory: LGCGM

Budget: 528 000€

Fundings: FEDER, Ministère de l’enseignement supérieur, de la recherche et de l’innovation, Région Bretagne, Rennes Métropole / ERDF, The Region of Britanny and Rennes Metropole