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Ongoing european projects

The network noe bretagne (network of excellence) :

INSA Rennes is a member of the network "NOE Bretagne". The network "NOE Bretagne" brings together operators working in the field of development and support of european research & innovation projects in Brittany.

The 3 main objectives of the NOE Bretagne :


  • Improve readability, visibility and support capacity, pool resources and share best practices, in the context of a new regional organisation
  • Consolidate the regional observatory of European research & innovation projects as part of the implementation of the Intelligent Specialisation Strategy (S3)
  • Strengthen Brittany's position in the European Research and Innovation Area, in the context of the implementation of S3 and the development of Horizon Europe (research and innovation programme for 2021-2027)

More information about the Network NOE Bretagne here.

support for european projects at insa rennes :

INSA Rennes is involved in scientific projects co-funded by the European Union through several funding Programs. Other Regional collectivities can fund also the projects which are in their area.

The most important funding programs are as follows:

The European Project Platform (2PE Brittany) provides support to project investigators in the upstream phase of the project cycle: information, training, project development and assistance in preparing project proposals in response to European calls (Horizon 2020 and Erasmus + as a priority).

The Research and Valorization Department is responsible for the monitoring of administrative, legal and financial aspects of the accepted European projects.

For further information on 2PE Brittany  and European news in Brittany: https://2pe-bretagne.eu/

For further information on the european funding opportunities: 2pE_guide-financements


Your referents

For any questions related to the set-up of a project, please contact the 2PE Brittany (contact@2pe-bretagne.eu).

> for IRISA, IETR and IRMAR: Cécile ROCUET (cecile.rocuet@2PE-bretagne.eu)

> for the LGCGM, Foton and ISCR: Alexandre ROBERT SEILANIANTZ (alexandre.robert-seilaniantz@2PE-bretagne.eu)

For any questions related to the implementation of the project, please contact the Research and Valorization Department: Marie-Pierre SARRAZIN (marie-Pierre.sarrazin@insa-rennes.fr).