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Mechanical and Automation Engineering

Mechanical and Automation Engineering (GMA*)

This engineer has a range of high-level skills in two complementary areas: mechanical engineering and automation. This engineering domain involves the resolution of any technical and/or scientific problem involved in the study, development, sizing, design, manufacturing and industrialisation of an automated mechanical device.


Head of GMA department


Spécialité GMA

02 23 23 86 63

Courses: 3 main subject areas

  • Mechanical engineering and materials
  • Design and processes
  • Automation and model-building

Gradual 3-step specialization

  • Fundamental knowledge and theoretical concepts: Lectures, tutorials, model building and optimization combine to provide the GMA student with the essential building blocks of his/her profession: CAM tools (CATIA, TopCAM), mechanical simulation, end components (ADAMS, RADIOSS, CASTEM 2000, Forge 2, RdM), automation and electronic simulation (MATLAB, SIMULINK, RTW, STATEFLOW, DSPACE boards), etc.
  • Development of a sense of reality through practical teaching (practicals on educational models, work in a production workshop).
  • Intensive use of simulation tools and technological knowledge through various projects e.g. synthesis between theoretical knowledge, the results obtained from digital simulation and the reality of the actual problem to be solved.

Double degree

Under the terms of an agreement with the University of Santé Catarina (Brazil), it is possible to obtain the following two degrees:

Advantages of the course

  • Multidisciplinary fundamentals of theoretical teaching (lectures and tutorials)
  • Putting the fundamentals into practice on highly effective teaching tools (machine tools, models etc.)
  • Completion of projects that mirror industrial reality
  • Understanding simulation resources
  • Use of manufacturing, production and industrial control resources

* In French