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Matriculation for a study semester

Study semester at INSA Rennes

If you want to undertake a period of study at INSA Rennes, you must first contact the International Relations department at your own university or check our list of agreements to find out about the exchanges open to you.
As soon as an application for an exchange program has been validated, there are a few administrative formalities to be undertaken with the International Office at INSA Rennes.


Documents to be supplied and/or completed to the International Office at INSA Rennes:

> Before May 1st 2017 for arrival in the 1st semester or for a full year of study
> Before October 31st 2017 for arrival in the 2nd semester
Once your application has been accepted, INSA-Rennes will send you a letter confirming admission.

For further information please contact international@insa-rennes.fr

Welcome days and administrative formalities

Exchange students are asked to arrive starting from Monday 28th of August 2017 in order to allow time for administrative formalities before the start of courses (September for 3rd and 4th Years; October for 5th Years).

You must comply with this date as far as possible. Early arrival ensures that you will have time to provide all the administrative information required for your period of study at INSA Rennes and, of course, makes sure that you will not miss the intensive, one-week course in FLE (French as a Foreign Language). Hospitality is also planned for foreign INSA students to make your arrival in Rennes and on the INSA campus as pleasant as possible.