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A founding member of the INSA Group
Full CTI accreditation
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Mathematical Engineering (GM*)

The mathematical engineer is able to formulate problems from various areas such as industry and services.


This program provides the future engineering mathematician with necessary backgrounds for using and developing mathematical tools and models, incorporating computer and numerical aspects. In addition to the technical issues in mathematical engineering, the program strengthens teamwork skills through supervised projects and internships.

Courses : 4 main subject areas

  • Core courses in mathematics and computer science
  • Data processing (descriptive tools, data management)
       and random modeling tools
    (forecasting, decision making support)
  • Optimization, operational research, deterministic modeling tools
  • Methodologies integrating different skills (taking into account uncertainties
        in solving industrial or numerical engineering problems)

3-year program

Dual mathematical background

  • statistics, data processing, random modeling, design of experiments
  • optimization, high dimensional optimization, operational research, modeling

Strong computer skills for numerical simulations and data management


Mathematical engineers are able to handle modeling problems arising in random or deterministic situations and to develop software solutions. They can work in a broad range of industries and services or in research departments of major companies.

* In French