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Masters by research

For students interested in scientific research, INSA Rennes offers a Master’s course entitled "Science, Technology and Health". Work is carried out jointly with our various research laboratories.

7 masters in "Sciences, Technologies and Health"

Chemistry : Chemistry of solids and materials

Electronics : Micro-technologies, Architecture, Networks and Communication Systems

Computer Science : Research in Informatics

Modeling : Scientific Computing and Applications

Mechanics and Sciences for Engineers : Mechanics and Civil Engineering

Physics : Photonics

Applied Mathematics, Statistics : Statistics and Risks in engineering

To Continue your studies to obtain a Ph.D.

The Master’s degree by Research is designed for students who intend to continue their studies and present a Ph.D. thesis through the SPI, MathSTIC or https://ed-3m.u-bretagneloire.fr/3M doctorate schools. The course includes theoretical learning followed by a minimum 4 month internship in the research sector (university or industry). This option is strongly supported by the widely-acclaimed research laboratories at INSA Rennes.