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Preparatory semester

If you are a non French-speaking student who has registered for the international stream course, this preparatory semester provides you with a chance to learn or improve your French language skills in order to meet your study needs.

Preparatory Semester (SPIR)
from February to June (4 months)

  • French as a Foreign Language lessons , grouped according to level (200h)
  • English lessons
  • Science and practical work in French (200h)
  • French culture lessons
  • Host family accommodation for the first week then in INSA Halls of Residence
  • “Culture and Heritage of Rennes and its Area” outings

In preparation for matriculation for the following academic year, this semester-long course runs from February to June and is designed to meet the linguistic needs of foreign students joining the international section who have already reached level B1 in French.

The courses are run jointly with the National College of Chemistry - Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Rennes (ENSCR), which also offers a preparatory semester for foreign students admitted to the international Chem.I.St degree course in the Gay-Lussac Federation.


  • Arrival in Paris: Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport. Transport by coach to Rennes.
  • Stay with a host family: The first week in France focuses on administrative formalities.
  • Both cultural activities and French as a Foreign Language (FLE) lessons classes are available to students, giving them the opportunity to adapt to their new surroundings gradually.
  • Accommodation on the INSA campus: Upon completion of their first week, students move in to the INSA halls of residence. INSA’s university refectory is recommended for meals.