A graduate and post graduate school
A founding member of the INSA Group
Full CTI accreditation
EUR-ACE label

INSA Group and networks

INSA Group, the leading French group of engineering institutes

INSA-Rennes is a founding member of the INSA Group, which comprises 6 engineering colleges in the following large regional capitals: Centre-Val de Loire, Lyon, Rennes, Rouen, Strasbourg and Toulouse.
The INSA Group, this is also 3 partner institutes and 1 institute in Fès, Morocco : INSA Euro-Mediterranean.

A joint admission procedure

The recruitment of engineering students is managed mainly by the INSA Group Admissions department. Most students matriculate after graduating from high school, subject to success in a joint competitive entrance examination, however, there are other ways of matriculating at every level of the curriculum. Admission conditions are the same for all members of the INSA Group.

Training and Research partners

INSA-Rennes is a member of several higher education and research networks :

  • INSA Group (founding member)
  • European University of Brittany (founding member)
  • Alliance INSA-UT
  • Conférence des Grandes Écoles (CGE)
  • Écoles Françaises d’Ingénieurs (CDEFI)
  • CNRS
  • Competitive clusters
  • Future research project investment

Academic and industrial partners

INSA-Rennes has many academic and industrial partners in France and around the world :