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Courses Taught in English

English semesters

If you would like to undertake one semester of study at INSA-Rennes, there are 4 semesters where all courses are taught in English. These semesters are designed for students at M1 and M2 levels.

Masters in engineering

Masters by research


All departments can supervise projects in their research labs. INSA Rennes offers three possibilities for a full semester:

- 10 ECTS (1,5 day per week)
- 15 ECTS (2,5 days per week)
- 24 ECTS (4 days per week)

Two students can work on the same project, report and defense.



French as Foreign Language

A1 level in French is recommended even for programs taught in English. INSA Rennes offers all its non French-speaking students training in French as a Foreign Language (FFL) at a level appropriate to their existing ability (4 ECTS per semester)