A graduate and post graduate school
A founding member of the INSA Group
Full CTI accreditation
EUR-ACE label

Training open to international students

INSA Rennes is a member of the INSA Group, the leading French network of state graduate and post graduate engineering schools. INSA Rennes stands out for two poles of excellence: Information & Communication Sciences & Technologies and Materials, Structures & Mechanics.
International students can prepare an INSA diploma by joining one of the Masters in Engineering or Masters by Research, or within the framework of an exchange for 1 or 2 study semesters.

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Aujourd'hui à 14h, soutenance de thèse @INSA_Rennes : "Nanoparticules et colloïdes multifonctionnelles..." #Chimie http://t.co/hhx0PDonTN...
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Demain à 14h, soutenance de thèse @INSA_Rennes : "Nanoparticules et colloïdes multifonctionnelles..." #Chimie http://t.co/hhx0PDonTN